Positive Thoughts

Today my daily devotional said “We spend too little time trying to achieve and too much time meditating on our problems.” This is true for so many of us. Life is made up of many aspects. When we are too focused on one part of life, we tend to forget about the rest. Sometimes we … More Positive Thoughts

Healthy Pasta?!

Wait… pasta can be healthy? Are you tired of pasta feeling like a cheat meal? What if I told you pasta could be your new go-to healthy meal? Here’s how ♡ When people think of pasta, they think of carbs, and they assume that is a bad thing. Well let me tell you, if you … More Healthy Pasta?!


It is so easy to get caught up in thinking about the future, and thinking about our next move. I do it all of the time. But when I take a step back I realize that I am currently living in what was once my future. It was all I thought about and now I … More Live